Welcome home

While my sister jetted off on a missions trip (subsequently returned) my folks came back from their vacation.

That meant – oh see how the tables turn! – that I was on airport-pickup duty.

Which is all well and good.

They were due to land about 4pm, and after a week in 80+ degree (F) weather, they were coming back to temps just above freezing.

Also, after a week away, eating out, I thought they might want to come home to something homey and homemade.

To that end I brought over my slow cooker in the morning, while I made the house welcoming, and started a pot roast a-simmering so they’d come home to a hot meal all ready for them.

That’s actually my kitchen and a different meal but I forgot to take a new photo

I’m glad they had such a nice trip! It’s nice to have them home again ❤️