I’m awake an hour and a half before the alarm. Early enough that I could go back to sleep for one more sleep cycle.

A nice theory, but the dream that shook me awake is still lingering and I can’t resettle. It’s not even that disturbing a dream – just a sense of something left undone, unprepared, and forgotten.

It’s not exactly the college dream, where there’s a final exam in a class that somehow I’ve never realized I was enrolled in, and never attended. But it has that type of vibe. Plus an earworm, so there’s no more sleeping to be had.

Well. Here I go then.

It is still night as I leave the house but unlike last week, by the time I approach the Delaware border, there’s signs of the light to come. Actually, there’s a break in the sky with muted colors that promise morning, but surrounded by clouds and darkness in a way that call to mind a canvas.

It’s a sleepy drive. That isn’t good.

It’s a colorful pre-sunrise when I pull into the office.

Here comes the sun! 🌞