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Sunflowers for the people of Ukraine

The people of Ukraine should not have to be as strong as they are. They should not be under attack. They should not have to fight alone when the vast majority of the world is in fact on their side.

Praying that He would go before the people of Ukraine, with might against this enemy but also with light to reveal the truth to anyone (within Russia, in the Russian army, here or anywhere around the world who does not or refuses to see that this attack on Ukraine is naked aggression with no redeeming values); to continue to strengthen the people of Ukraine in the battle and to comfort them against fear and grief.

To give people of conscience wisdom and strength to stand up against this action, as the Ukrainian people are standing up to fight for their country, for their freedom, for their sovereignty. As Russians around their nation are standing up to protest against their own country’s actions. As leadership around the world is standing together to implement ways to pressure Putin to back down, to find an exit ramp.

Help leaders to know how to do that, as we would avoid war and annihilation if we can – but please God not at the cost of Ukraine and its people — nor whichever sovereign nation might come next.

Be an antidote to the poison that Russia’s propaganda machine has been feeding to our own citizens and others around the world. You are Truth oh God – shine your light to destroy lies. You are our Healer and Redeemer – please heal hearts and minds that have been poisoned, and set free those who have been taken captive.

And give all those who stand with Ukraine as allies, strength to stand supportive in the face of challenges that may come, to not waver.

Let us not be weak when they are being so strong.

Oh Lord, please be with the people of Ukraine, as You know best what they need – as a nation and as individuals – in every moment.

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