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VAL: Zanzibar Pilau

So here I am in virtual Tanzania, pulling out my copy of In Bibi’s Kitchen for a regional recipe.

The result is Zanzibar Pilau (rice pilaf)

Made with coconut milk and seasoned with onion, cardamom, ground cloves and cinnamon, I’m not at all sure what to expect for this dish, other than it will probably be very fragrant in the cooking process.


Cooking – very fragrant
Eating – lots of flavor

The clove really comes through in the flavor. I kind of don’t like it, and then I kind of do, and then I’m not sure, and then I want another bite.

You know, just to try to sort it all out.


But Gringita, you ask, what does it taste like?

Cloves. It tastes mostly like cloves.

Anyway that’s another adventure in the kitchen for me.

The next stop on the Virtual African Loop (VAL) will be Kenya (on the TLR it will be Uganda). So, more adventures to come.

Quite a ways from here, that is.

But still … coming up ahead.