Dark and way too early

I wake up ahead of the alarm, which considering it’s a commute day, borders on the miraculous.

Also kind of appalling, just on paper. But let’s go with miraculous.

An extra 30 minutes in the morning means I am not derailed and delayed when I’ve forgotten how this all works.

But I get myself sorted and head out the door, still a little early, to face the morning drive.

Wait, did I say morning? No, it’s definitely still night, no matter what the clock says.


It’s still night when I reach the office 90 minutes later.


I want to go back to bed.

Most of my route is still under construction. Sections show progress, so that’s promising. Others are still a complete mess. But whatchagonnado? At least I only have to do this sporadically.

Also: I am a block from the office before it occurs to me to check if I have my badge with me. Uh oh. Good news: it’s in my jacket pocket. Of course it is. But still: things you shouldn’t wait to find out.

Okay then. Here comes the sun.

Let’s go face this day!

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