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This would Cheer me up

I’m not a user of (insert 4-letter ocean-themed name of the top laundry detergent in the USA).

Never have been.

But my detergent brand of choice is by the same company.

I’m a Cheer girl. That’s my brand and I love it. But I don’t love all the packaging that it and most of the major brands involve.

I know there are greener detergents. Greener packaging and formats.

So hey P&G, is any of these possible???

  • Washer sheets / tabs / pods in biodegradable packaging

There’s dry laundry soap that comes in boxes. Couldn’t tabs (like dishwasher soap tablets), washer “sheets” or even the (ugh) gelatinous pods be delivered in boxes also (pods are delivered in plastic today)? To be even kind of less wasteful?

  • Return for refill/reuse

Until you figure out a better packaging method as above, why isn’t there a program where I can return my laundry packaging to you or your bottling provider to be refilled and reused? I mean, I know there’s a cleaning process but it was filled with soap. If I use and rinse into the washer every bit of the soap then maybe it also has water in it. It’s not like it will have been tainted with motor oil or processed cheese sauce or something else goopy. I’m guessing people who care about the environment might not purposely throw extra garbage into them.

I realize that refilling stations wouldn’t be viable because of the infrastructure needed to support it (even if that was available it would prolly not get offered for my brand). But I’m just trying to think there must be some way to reduce, reuse and recycle. You know, rather than making more plastic bottles?

Because I would love for my bright, clean, cold-water-washed, color-guarded laundry to cheer me up in more way than one 🤣