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Virtual Great Wall: Laoniu Bay

Nearly 30 miles down the road today, and I’m rewarded by a new postcard!

The first few paragraphs of the email tell me that…

Laoniu Bay sits at the junction of Shanxi Province to the south and Inner Mongolia to the north. It is where the Great Wall meets the mighty Yellow River and then runs alongside it for the next 44mi (70km). A lone, ruined beacon tower stands at the end of the headland. 

The Yellow River has an amazing journey across China. Its source is in the Bayan Har Mountains, Western China at an elevation of 15,700ft (4,800m) and it flows east until it empties in the Bohai Sea. It is the second longest river in China, after the Yanghtze, and the sixth longest in the world.

Not sure I can keep up that pace every day. Celebrate the victories as they come!