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Travels Revisited: New Zealand

I picked up the cruise from Auckland. It was supposed to be 16 days, looping back to Auckland- but I didn’t have anything like 16 days available for time off. Especially when you factor in the getting there.

18 hours of flight time, plus layovers. A whole day lost crossing the date line, regained on the return.

Auckland, a long descent from my hotel to the quay.

Stops where I went kayaking, visited farms, saw penguins, visited Wellington (and my friend May) as well as Christchurch. Then this stop, on the southern island, that was just breathtaking.

After this we crossed the Tasman Sea to Australia. I got special permission to disembark there and I ne the cruise early. Shortage of days off, you see.

Plus the Tasman is one of the toughest seas to sail. It was 2 days across to Australia and then 3 more sea days to get back to Auckland. That seemed like a possible lot of really uncomfortable days, if the sea didn’t agree with me.

It was fine for me but most people were pretty sick.

In all it was a great trip. I hope to make it back again one day.