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VAL & TLR: Two Roads

I currently have two routes mapped in MyVirtualMission. Primarily I’m working what I’ve called the Virtual African Loop (or VAL). Secondarily I’m also tracking my progress on (unintuitively shorter) The Longest Route (or TLR).

Both routes are approaching the border of Tanzania. On the VAL I’m passing through Malawi and to get there, and afterward will head northeast to Kenya.

On TLR I’m in Zambia, and will follow the western border of Tanzania, just missing Burundi and Rwanda, before passing into Uganda.

I know the image looks blurry. That’s because it’s two map images overlaid. I couldn’t find a better way to show my two routes together.

In any case, this is as close as my two paths get until I get to the northern stretch of Sudan and into Egypt.

So this is me, waving to myself en route.

Look at me (we) go!