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Virtual India: Humayun’s Tomb Postcard

In real life, so much is going on. Plans are in the works, which are exciting. More on that in future (God willing). Also, people I love are having birthdays, anniversaries, reasons to celebrate.

But at the same time. people I know have just recently lost dear family members, to COVID and to cancer. People I know have loved ones having post-transplant complications. And people I know are COVID-positive (and of mixed vax status).

But all of that is far too real right now.

I try to remember that I cannot add a day to my life, or theirs, by worrying.

So I pray and turn my eyes to the Comforter we have in the Spirit, and the Healer we know in Christ.

And when I need something to distract from all this reality, I walk and I pedal.

I’m only 10% of the way on this trek.

Even so: Step by step.

I hope you’re finding ways to keep yourself moving forward, also.