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VAL: Malawi at last

Day by day, bit by bit, my daily distances added up on my Virtual African Loop, and I’ve made it (kind of) to Malawi!

Over the border from Mozambique to Malawi

Malawi is famous for a dish called Nsima but since that is based on white cornmeal, and that’s not readily available here, I’ll be serving another Malawian dish, a chicken curry, over another side. Probably rice, with apologies for lack of authenticity.

Pretty good with rice

The other reason that Malawi has been in my consciousness, has been K.I.N.D.: Kids In Need of Desks can help provide educational opportunities via desks and benches or through scholarships in that country.

So check out the recipe if you’d like to try some good food from Malawi. Consider KIND if you’d like to do some good for kids in Malawi.