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I’ll take the earworm

I’m not a music person. I know that’s like saying I’m on track to become a serial killer, but I’m just not. I am not musically talented and I know my taste in music is somewhat suspect and please don’t ask me about my favorite band or first concert or whatever all else as your ice breaker. The ice will not break on that topic.

And no, I almost certainly do not want to go to a concert with you, even to see a performer I love— and the pandemic has almost nothing to do with it. Though crowds and noise and overstimulation probably somewhat do.

That said, I’ll sit happily in a piano bar or small venue. The day I spent 17 hours hitting 100.000 steps I could not have done it without my playlist. When I can’t get my pedaling done on sheer will, some tunes really help. And I could not be any more surprised at how much I like the occasional musical soundtrack.

And… I might actually have a problem with Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Like a, “Is there an addiction treatment program,” kind of problem.

I didn’t know I had this problem until I got Disney+ just in time to FINALLY see Hamilton.

And then again.

And again.

And aga- oh gosh. I had to put myself on a Hamilton diet when the earworm kicked in. I absolutely love the play and the music and I can walk/dance my way through all 16000 of my current daily step goal and then maybe some of my pedaling (if I can sit still that long because #Catchy) while I watch that play.

The acting is fabulous and I love the casting and Hamilton’s story is fascinating (I also read the autobiography) and Lin-Manuel Miranda’s script / music is just … wow.

But as much as I love it, I can’t let myself watch it too often. I want to. But I can’t, because the soundtrack crawls into my ear and sets up shop. I once watched it twice in one day (I was stepping myself to a marathon-equivalent) and then I could not sleep the next two nights because #Lyrics #Earworm #MakeItStop #NoDon’tItsSoGood!

So now Encanto is also out on Disney+ and it includes original songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda and I can only guess that is part of why I can’t stop watching and I can’t stop dancing and I can’t stop humming along.

(I’d sing but even I don’t want to hear that. Mine is, of necessity, a lip-sync kind of house.)

So again – I’m not just fangirling here – I posit that I might have an actual problem.

By the time this posts, a week from now, I can almost promise I’ll have seen it several more times. Possibly per day.

(Whispers to self) Hmm. Maybe this weekend I can fit in an Encanto-Hamilton-Encanto binge?

Huh. With that said – if you’ll excuse me I have apparently decided that the addiction wins and future sleep is overrated, so if you need me I’m probably watching Encanto again. Even though it will make me cry and even though I won’t be able to get the music out of my head.


Lin-Manuel Miranda (and also amazing, gifted composer Germaine Franco) – why do you have to be so talented?!?

And also, thank you so very much for sharing those Gifts with us!

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  1. Despite countless articles and reviews, I’ve never been motivated to read about or see it. But now I MUST!


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