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Apple-Pomegranate Tarts

About a week ago, while the snow gave way to freezing rain, I packed up the Christmas decor. The indoor decor, anyway. The lights outside will require a drier day for that undertaking.

Then I moved on to cleaning out the fridge. Where I discovered I still had apples, and a pomegranate, and a lemon, and phyllo dough.

As it happens, I also have butter and sugar and cinnamon and panko.

Which means I have the bones of an apple strudel (I did have the golden raisins but pomegranate so I decided to make a swap and see what happens.

So I made the filling of apple strudel, swapping a generous amount of pomegranate seeds for the raisins.

And instead of a single sliceable strudel I used the wrap method for spanikopita to make apple pomegranate tarts instead.

The result was quite nice. Treats for days to come, which I can serve warm on these cold winter days.

Wishing you bright spots when life feels cold as well!

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