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TLR: Zambia

On the VAL I’m still in Mozambique – about halfway through, actually.

But over here on The Longest Route I’m across another border, out of virtual Botswana and into virtual Zambia.

Progress: From Botswana to Zambia

Zambia has more than 24 recognized languages (though English is the official language) and what looks like 30 different people groups. Diverse. I like that.

But I don’t think I’d ever be able to Duolingo that many languages. I can pretty much only focus on one other at a time.

The route to Zambia skirted right past Zimbabwe. The VAL bypassed that country too, just coincidentally. Both routes send me to Tanzania, but it looks like this route will get me there first. I still have half of Mozambique on the VAL, as I said, plus Malawi.

Well, I guess that will give me some time to decide on the menu for that part of the trip.


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