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Travels Revisited: The South of France

So we’re off, virtually speaking, to the Côte d’Azur!

Which is great but it’s not quite the same as an actual journey.

Fortunately the very last cruise I was on before the world completely shifted under the weight of pandemic included a visit to the south of France.

So that’s a nice real-life memory to share.

Gray day. Lovely time.

We had a lovely day in Marseille and Provence. I hope to go there again one day. I hope to visit Paris. I’d like to see Mont St Michel. It would be interesting to visit Normandy.

I hope to one day pull out my terrible high school+now Duolingo French, and muddle through a new place (hopefully not butchering their beautiful if sometimes confounding language too terribly).

Until then I will settle for Street Views and virtual postcards, and keep step-step-stepping along the path.

You coming?