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Tally 2021 / Challenge 2022

So, in 2020 I set myself a goal to walk the equivalent (steps) of 2020 miles.

Then in 2021 I set a goal to walk / pedal 6000 miles (walking at least 2021 of them)

I had to up that to 7000 and then 7500 and finally reached a combined 8389 miles.

2021 monthly distances

So here it is 2022. I don’t know what the year will hold. But I’m going to aim to beat last year’s numbers. I’m starting with a small increase, to 8500 miles.

Maybe I can make it to 9000.

If I make it to 9135.5, I’ll also have wrapped up the VAL- 8.5 months early!

So wish me luck, and come on along. It’s the journey not the distance. Nice to have your company as we go!

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