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2021 Wrap Up: Medal Round

It was a busy year, considering how cooped up we were much of the time. And now, all my 2021 medals have arrived!

Pedaled in 2021
Walked in 2021

Since I started, I’ve made a fair amount of progress, as evidenced by the medal rack:

Summer 2020 to present, “steps” distances only

It’s not nearly the same as actually going places, which I miss quite badly.

But it’s nice that all my pacing has been accomplishing something. Even if it’s something that might seem silly from the outside.

I’m moving more than ever, and that can only be a good thing, I think.

I hope you can look back at 2021 and see the progress you’ve made, in whatever area you tried. Even if progress was sometimes to just keep going.

And I hope 2022 brings you new successes and new adventures!

God bless!

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