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Invitation: Virtual Côte d’Azur

A couple of votes agreed with me: the 100 miles of the virtual Côte d’Azur challenge looks appealing.

So here’s the scoop with that:

Two codes went out earlier this month as Christmas gifts, to play along. If you were not one of those recipients, I’m sorry. I wish you’d let me know you were interested sooner. That said, you are still invited! If you want to play along:

1. Go to https://www.theconqueror.events/r/CK9121, select “View all the Challenges” and scroll down to Côte d’Azur. Click Join Challenge, and buy the challenge code. (If you use the link above you’ll get 10% off your order, unless they have a better sale in place which is also great as far as I’m concerned. I don’t get paid by the Conqueror, I just love their challenges and don’t want you to pay full price to also maybe fall in love with them, if you don’t have to.)

2. Once you receive your code, use these instructions to activate it and see me (and anyone else who is playing) on the map. (You can set it up immediately and only start entering distances as of January 1, or wait to activate it until January 1… or just get going if you want. You don’t have to wait for me unless you want to.)

There will be one recipe posted along the way, because I have exactly one French food recipe that I really enjoy making, and I only make it a few times a year, always for company — and this time I will make it for all of you. (And share it because it’s my recipe to do that. )

So that’s the plan for the kickoff of 2022. I hope you’re in it! See you on the road!