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Virtual Greece: Marathon to Athens

For the holiday gathering I’m making spanikopita and tzatziki and maybe some souvlaki.

So in the spirit of synchronicity, I’m also doing the Conqueror Marathon to Athens challenge.

First postcard

From the first postcard email…

The town of Marathon is synonymous with the road race referred to as marathon. Each year a Marathon to Athens road race takes place beginning here. Starting in Marathon it follows a southwest route parallel to the coast of Petalioi Gulf with a slight detour around the “Tumulus of the Marathon Warriors” before taking a west and then northwest direction into Athens ending in the Panathenaic Stadium. This is the route that I will be following on this journey completing the full marathon distance of 26.2mi (42.195km)….

It goes on to tell more of the original tale of the marathon, and then the running of a marathon at the first modern Olympics, held in Greece ( in recognition of the original games in Ancient Greece).

I won’t be running this marathon but I’m happy to be on a virtual adventure even so.