flotsam, there is something wrong with me


It isn’t as bad as the day last year when I raked leaves and my back froze up so painfully that I genuinely wondered if I’d be able to make my way back indoors.

It isn’t that bad. It isn’t good though.

And the most embarrassing part is that I wasn’t doing anything so terribly physical.

I was pulling a pot out of the cabinet, to cook.

It wasn’t even a very large pot. It definitely wasn’t the really heavy pot.

It was just the twisting and what little weight was involved, and [skree-] everything went ouchy.

So now it is ouchy to do pretty much anything. Like, typing, is too much strain.

Wow, this is unfun.

So I guess: welcome to old.

4 thoughts on “Wrenched”

  1. I once strained an arm muscle by picking up a plastic grocery bag after shopping at WinCo. That sucker caused me pain for a solid year, no exaggeration.

    Now, that is old, m’friend…


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