faith, flotsam


The time delay on my posts means that a lot of flotsam has been going up on the blog, while real life crises have happened out there in the world.

The devastation of the tornadoes that ravaged Tennessee and Kentucky. I mean, just unfathomable destruction. So many lives blown to bits by the vortexes that descended upon them. Heartbreak and loss.

Lord have mercy.

And also, pray for the affected. Help if you can. Team Rubicon is on the ground, as is the Red Cross and other organizations.


The COVID numbers creeping inexorably up. 800.000 here and climbing in the US, so many more around the world. So many families with permanent holes in them. So many thankful to have survived but dealing with post-COVID effects of unknown duration and severity. So many people I love who I pray will be safe, stay well.

Lord have mercy.

And also… please be part of the solution, and take care of one another: Get Your Vax, Wear Your Mask.