Most time-sensitively: the last set of holiday gifts, one of which might still make it here and two of which is currently on track to be New Years gifts. Maybe.

Not arrived. Hopefully still arriving.

Most frustratingly: the payment I know I set up to pay the power company last month. (So that’s me late for the first time ever, but I remember setting up the payment and I filed the bill afterwards and yet the bank says no such thing was scheduled — or saved anyway — so… ugh!)

Most disappointingly: the Christmas card USPS sent me a picture of, from someone afar, but somehow did not make it to my mailbox.

Most worryingly: the credit card bill that should have come that same day, and yet also was not in with the rest of that days mail. Or the next, or the next.

Alas, some things along the way are not all going as smoothly as one might hope.