What’s next: wrapping 2021

Assuming everyone stays well, we’ll do our Christmas Eve gathering. Just a small get-together, close family.

It’s our evening of nibbles; we don’t do a big meal for Christmas Eve, just a meal of appetizers and desserts, wine and Christmas punch and festivity in general.

That usually means I’m making the family Christmas punch, and this year I’ll probably also make a dessert as well as spanikopita and maybe another little dish.

But as long as I’m going to make Greek food, then the final walking challenge of the year will be Marathon to Athens from The Conqueror. So I’ll be starting that shortly. It will only take me a few days to do though so I’ll hold off and start closer to the holiday.

(And yeah it feels weird to not be working on a medal challenge right now. No worries, the VAL still goes on!

Anyway, stay tuned for yummy Greek food, coming here soon. 🙂