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Virtual PCT: Virtually finished

It’s official! I’ve finished the Pacific Crest Trail challenge from The Conqueror.

All of my distances on this challenge were pedaled, at home.


Had I done this IRL, it would have been a monumental undertaking. According to this excerpt of the final postcard:

Entering the province of British Columbia, I travelled through the valley to Windy Joe Mountain and completed the final stretch by crossing Similkameen River and ending this most extraordinary journey in Manning Park at an elevation of 3,937ft (1,200m).

It would have been impossible to capture all the peaks, passes, gaps and lakes throughout these writings but it does raise the curiousity that is perhaps best illustrated in a statistical roundup:

  • 3 States
  • 5 National Monuments
  • 30 Sections
  • 7 National Parks
  • 25 National Forests
  • 48 Wilderness Areas
  • 57 Mountain Passes
  • 19 Major Canyons
  • 1,000 lakes and tarns
  • Lowest elevation: 170ft/50m – Bridge of Gods
  • Highest elevation: 13,153ft/4,009m – Forester Pass

Well all that makes me exhausted just to read!

Final postcard for the PCT

So I’ll be pedaling anyway, but I’ll hold off to start a new pedaling challenge in the new year.

Decisions, decisions!

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