exploring and revisiting

Yorktown drive

After our excursion over to Surry for the planned and delicious lunch at Surry Seafood Company, we drove down to the battlefield at Yorktown.

Yes, I do come home wanting to rewatch Hamilton. How did you know?

There’s a little exhibit at the Yorktown National Battlefield visitor center, but the rest is a drivable (or bike-able in nicer weather) tour of various portions of the final battlefield of the American Revolution.

Some of the sites have parking areas and sections to walk around. The earthworks that were the first and second siege lines are partially restored, as are the sites of Redoubts 9 and (less so due to erosion and changes in the river over the centuries) Redoubt 10.

Other sections are really just single lane roads with sign posts and plaques that describe what that section would have housed or been used for during the skirmishes. The ravine that would have been a supply depot. The woods that were a field, housing an encampment. In a time when distances were not as quickly covered, it’s astounding just how spread out the preparations of a battle would still need to be.

The site really needs a good half-day to visit it, but we’d had a late start and the days are shorter, so we turned back toward the hotel (kind of, for some reason when I told Waze I wanted to go to the hotel from the list of sites we had visited it decided I wanted to go somewhere in Newport News – the opposite direction and not at all somewhere we had been).

That got sorted and once we got back to the hotel, we get up our own little charcuterie tray and wine, and then we ordered in hot food again.

Mom and Dad had a football game they wanted to see.

I wanted pretty much anything else.

Alas, small prices must be paid.