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Chilly in Williamsburg

Fortunately the weather forecast was dry for so much outdoor activity. Unfortunately there was going to be one really cold day on our trip.

That was Saturday. We layered up to face the day.

We came in timed to see the live speakers (who must be thankful for layers of wool period clothing, at the outdoor venues), and for a guided walking of the property, and then to grab an early dinner at a local seafood restaurant.

Colonial Williamsburg- Governor’s Palace

Oh but the wind!

After a day out in the wind, and wearing caps pulled down over ears to keep from freezing them off, and the attendant hat-head all around…

We decided to go to the seafood place for lunch the next day, and order some great Italian food to go.

Well prepared delicious hot food is a gift beyond description!

We ate it in the cafe area of the hotel, where free wine was available at the managers reception. The room is large, well spaced, and slightly better ventilated than is comfortable in chilly weather, but all that is good in a pandemic.

Very few people were about, in any case. But hot delicious food and a free glass of Chardonnay equaled satisfaction with the close of the day.