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Gone again

Dude, I need to get away. NOT being able to totally unplug from the office – even for just a few days – it gets to me.

Normally I would have at least one and preferably two trips planned every year. At least one would be international… I would expect NO connectivity to the office. I would see new things and feel myself blessed to see those new things and meet new people and finally, have a chance to appreciate and miss home.

Without those breaks, I am feeling like a lot of people are: It’s too much, just bearing the day to day, in this environment. We have no reserves left for nonsense. The attitudes, mostly crappy, of “Executive leaders.” Or of clients, whether those are internal or external customers. After these two years, we just don’t have anything left over to put up with any kind of nonsense.

And the thing is, I know that some of the nonsense is just that they also have no reserves left. We are all worn too thin. Some moments I can remember it and be graceful. Other moments I know it and want to have more grace than I can muster. And sometimes I’m just too frustrated and too in need of grace myself to offer it to anyone else.


So. Anyway, I made the plans months ago.

I took a few days and we went.

By the time we went it was a day after the thanksgiving holiday… and just as the discovery of a new COVID variant was being announced.

That’s not great news just as we head off somewhere.

In my party: my fully vaxxed and boosted parents and I.

Our method of travel: by car.

Our destination: Williamsburg Virginia. Yeah, again.

Look, it’s drivable. It’s interesting. It’s largely outdoors. In a pandemic, those are all extra desirable features.

Unfortunately it’s getting cold. The wind was a bit more than brisk.

And it’s now the holidays, which meant the crowd, even outdoors, was massive, particularly the Friday after the holiday when the Williamsburg tree lighting was scheduled.

On the plus side: it’s so cold that wearing your mask even outdoors is less like a political statement (which it isn’t meant to be anyway folks) and more like a smart thing to both keep us all safer and keep the face warmer.

So, small victories.

More on this little excursion tomorrow, I think. For now: we’re off!