The news keeps leaving me speechless.

I can’t fathom another school, another set of families losing their children. It breaks the heart to even try. There just aren’t words.

I don’t understand why it took video evidence being leaked to the press to even begin to get anything approaching justice for a young black man out for a run.

I can’t believe that Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial isn’t getting more news coverage — though I know just enough of what she and her absolute monster of a boyfriend did to those girls to know maybe there’s mercy in not splashing their testimony all over screens like it’s some kind of infotainment. Still, those girls deserve some kind of justice and I hope that they’ll get it.

And meanwhile, laws keep getting proposed (and passed) all over the country, to undermine elections, make it harder to legally vote, and increase what’s already a massive problem of gerrymandering and dark money — this is not “integrity.”

Some days the news just makes me want to cry.

And some days it makes me want to vomit.

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  1. If you’re on Instagram, follow an account “sharonsaysso”. I was wondering the same about the Maxwell case but as I understand it, a lot of the victims were minors when all of this went on and their identities are being protected. Sharon from “sharonsaysso” is seriously the best, most impartial voice I’ve come across on the ‘net, and she has had some great insight into all the issues you mentioned above.

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  2. I get so angry too, I cannot stand it. My only lately has been to get more involved locally to try to feel like I am doing something.

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