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So what do you think we should do?

I’m still looking to pick a challenge to do starting next year. I’m not asking you to BUY one. Just… comment me up what looks most interesting to you guys. You’re going to have to hear about it anyway right?? You’re going to hear about postcards and street views and trees planted and maybe even regionally-inspired meals cooked. You might as well get a say in which one kicks off the new year!

Here’s a subset to choose from, which I’ve ordered from shortest (20 mi) to longest (100mi) — so none of them is UNBELIEVABLY long. This list is shorter than the one I posted before because I pulled out Greece because – well you’ll see – and I pulled the ones that will overlap with the VAL, so maybe I’ll do those when the VAL takes me there. Synchronicity!

Anyway, here’s the ones currently for consideration!

  1. Angkor Wat Cambodia 20mi/32km & 4 Postcards
  2. Amalfi Coast Italy 35mi/56km & 7 Postcards
  3. Mt Everest Nepal 40mi/64km & 6 Postcards
  4. Flower Route Netherlands 41mi/66km & 4 Postcards
  5. Cote d’Azur France 100mi/161km & 6 Postcards

Later in the year I’ll be debating the walkable 161 miles of the newly-released Great Wall of China challenge, vs the more bike-friendly 2181 miles of the Cross-China version of the challenge. More on that later.

Anyway, vote for one of the items on the list above, for now.

If I get some interest, I might take someone with me, even. So, let me know, okay?