Booster shots have been widely approved, and I’m finally allowed to get one.

That’s slightly challenging because supply and demand and holidays.

Like, I looked the day approval came through, and the the pharmacy near my office had no vaccines appointments for several weeks.

The pharmacy nearest my house listed vaccines available— if I could come in at 1 AM on a work day. One Ay Em!

Wow. Just wow.

Anyway, I did find a booster shot available at 5am relatively nearby, and with the 2-day window until I’d need to be around anyone, to let it be fully effective / my system not so busy processing the vax, that it is distracted from protecting me from anything else for a few days. (If you’re getting the first round of shots, you need 2 weeks afterward to be fully effective. Math that out and get your protection to be fully effective before your Christmas gatherings! Boosters apparently need less time to kick in fully, because your system should already know what to do. Or that’s what I hear anyway.)

When I got my first shot I had a little bit of sore arm and a bit of jangly nerves in that arm. When I got my second shot, I felt so much nothing that I questioned myself about whether there had been anything in the needle. Because a person should feel a little reaction, just from their immune system doing its thing, like you want it to.

For my booster, I felt okay most of the day, my arm just a bit sore in the evening because it needs moving after a shot and I had been working eg not moving around a lot. And I felt tired that night – hard to say if that’s from the shot or the fact I had to get up at ridiculous o’clock in the morning to get that shot. (Hey thanks for the 3:30 am text, CVS, I didn’t have to be up until 4:30 to make it to my appointment, but hey that’s great too. The fact that the check-in link you sent me at that hour would not be working on arrival because of pre-hours system maintenance? Priceless.)

I’m going to say the tiredness must be a little from the shot because I went to bed before 9pm and didn’t even get my steps for the day. I never don’t get my steps for the day. Normally I would pace until I hit the goal and then faceplant. Usually. Not that night. Thus ends a nearly 2 year streak! (Well here we go: Day 1, start again!)

Next morning I was a bit out of sorts for the first hour but again not sure if that’s the shot or a sleep hangover from the 10 hours I slept through. A little caffeine, I’m a bit more together.

And I’m boosted, for sure, so that’s good!

So hey get your vaccines if you can. COVID, flu, etc. I’m reminded that I should put the shingles vaccine on my to-do list. Not too soon, but in the not-too-distant future.

Get your vaccines, and treat your body gently for the recommended number of days to let it do its thing.

Cuz hey, a year without getting an avoidable disease would be great, right?

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  1. We got our boosters on Saturday. Was lucky to just walk in to our local CVS and they took us on the spot. Was a litle feverish and out of sorts on Sunday but from yesterday, perfectly fine. So YAY for being boosted.

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