experiments in cooking

Kitchen misadventures

With a week to go until Thanksgiving, I ran into a site that showed cinnamon roll crust apple pie.

In fact, it was just a process by which the pie crust is sprinkled with cinnamon, cut into slices, then pressed and rolled back together to have a swirl pattern.

Looks easy enough. It won’t be as good as my sister’s apple pie but it could be a thing. And with Mexican food on the dinner menu that might, why not a little something all-American for dessert?

Why, indeed.

So anyway, yeah.

It doesn’t roll together as nice and prettily as they imply.

It tears and shreds.

And then the apples weren’t enough. I mean it was full of course but it wasn’t the right apple to crust ratio. So: disappointing.

Well a few of the swirls are visible anyway.

Alas, dessert was a bit of a fail.

Oh well. I’ll stick to strudel in future, and leave the apple pies to my sister. She has the knack.

And with just a few days to Thanksgiving, her apple pies are likely to be on the menu.

Extra reasons to be thankful!