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Quick break: Mexican food

I literally just finished the last of my oxtail stew and I only have one little bag of biltong left, and well sure of course I’ve made some Chicken Yassa because I hadn’t in a couple of weeks, but I’ll be finishing off the Malva pudding with it…

And yes I’m going to need some more recipes for South Africa because it’s a BIG country and I’m not halfway across it.

But of course there’s an upcoming US Thanksgiving holiday to break up my African-cuisine run.

But before that, even, I’m inserting a Mexican food break.

Which of funny when I reflect that when I came back from Greece — where the food was great and I still make souvlaki and tzatziki from time to time for the sheer joy of it — the first thing I was craving after more than a week of all Greek food all the time was… Mexican food.

I don’t know. I suppose it’s just such a vastly different palate, that it becomes a refreshing break from other cuisines.

So anyway, it’s loaded nachos and homemade chicken crunch-wraps.

Because why not?

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