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VAL: South African Malva Pudding

Miss (I) to the rescue again with another South African dish: Malva pudding!

To an American, a pudding is a specific kind of thing one pictures chocolate or maybe butterscotch.

South African pudding is different, as pudding from other parts of the world often are.

In this case, a light, sweet cake with a hint of apricot flavor, soaked with a rich sweet creamy sauce:

All this then scooped out while warm and covered with a scoop of custard sauce. Could also have used ice cream but the custard was less sweet which seemed like a good thing. The cake pudding is sweet already.

And very tasty!

I’d offer you all a scoop but … mmm I had my folks here so it’s all gone.

Thanks again (I) – you’re saving the day, and my menus!

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