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Milestone trees

The world could probably do with some more trees.

I’m walking my way to helping with that. Sort of.

For every 20% milestone a user reaches on a Conqueror virtual challenge, they have a real tree planted.

Which means my Conqueror challenges to date have planted a fair number of trees.

Hmmm. Mental note to go count up how many trees I’ve planted so far.

I’m usually more excited by the postcards and map views – the aspects that take some of the sting out of my wanderlust.

The medals are fabulous, of course.

But I do like that trees get planted. And this is more top of mind today because I hit both 20% on the Grand Canyon and also hit 80% on the PCT.

So that’s two trees just today.


Two, today. Yay!

Update: just for the record, I went and looked it up. Apparently so far my challenges to date have planted 95 trees! That’s 18 challenges (including 2 I repeated) plus the 4 for PCT to date and the 1 for GC to date. That doesn’t count any challenges I’ve gifted anyone. Their distances = their tree planting.

Still: not too shabby.

95 trees? Cool!