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Virtual PCT: Mount Hood

I’ve told you about the postcards, right?

Of course I have. I blather about this all the time and post the postcards from time to time.

Except I haven’t really. I’ve posted the postcard images from time to time. But the postcard emails also include a long narrative that tells more about the area.

This postcard tells me about Mount Washington, Hayrick Butte, Three-Fingered Jack, Mount Jefferson, Mount Hood National Forest, Mount Hood, and Timberline Lodge.

Here’s a section of this postcard email, as an example:

Mount Hood is a dormant volcano with 12 named glaciers and 4,600 acres of skiable terrain. The mountain is estimated to be about 500,000 years old and its last major eruption was around 1865. First sighted in 1792, the name was bestowed by Lt William Broughton, a British naval officer, and named after Samuel Hood, a British Admiral at the Battle of the Chesapeake. Two US naval ships have been named after Mount Hood despite the namesake being of an enemy commander. First one was an ammunition ship in 1944 that was destroyed when its explosive cargo ignited and the second was another ammunition ship in 1971 that was decommissioned 28 years later.

This challenge is much more about the mountains I’m passing. Sometimes there’s a lot of local history or points of local interest.

You guys are being dragged along this thing with me so I thought I’d share a little more of it with ya.

On we go!