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The Longest Route

In theory, the world’s longest walk is (apparently) from Cape Town, South Africa to Magadan, Russia.

So they say. At 14K+ miles, it’s actually shorter than the 19K+ I’m looping around the continent of Africa in the Virtual African Loop (or VAL).

Even so, I saw this some time ago and told myself that when I got to Cape Town on the VAL, I would put in the Magadan route and work the 2 maps in parallel. More virtual places, more fun, say I.

It’s a theory.

So anyway, here are the maps side by side. I know that the second map looks so much longer than the first, but that is because of the way the mercator projection map stretches the upper and lower portions of the globe, so that they look larger than they are. Africa is actually huge.

Left: Virtual African Loop (VAL)
19305.4mi total (10k+ remaining)
Blue portion of line represents 45% completed

Right: The Longest Route (TLR)
14692.4mi (all ahead of me)

So now I’m doing both. Because why do just one crazy thing, when you can do two? Especially if it means virtually visiting extra countries!

And yes, I DO miss traveling for real. Desperately. How could you tell?

On this trek my distance puts me in a completely different place than I am on the VAL so extra chances for local street views! BONUS!

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  1. Praying for the day when the pandemic is over and its safe for you to travel again ! I love the ones with street view too ! Much more interesting to see the different places and you can wander around too !

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