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VAL: Scenic South Africa

As I’ve been trekking around Africa, an awful lot doesn’t have street view, to give me any idea of what I’d be passing.

And as you can probably imagine, even when there is something to be seen, road views are not always the most scenic ever, either.

But sometimes? Sometimes they really are.

WOW, that’s beautiful

Apparently I’m currently passing through the Hawegwa Nature Reserve, through the Haweguas Mountain Catchment Area. Oh Em Gee, it’s really lovely.

It looks like on the map there are a few mountainous areas like this I’ll travel through, but not many. Makes sense; given the choice, who wouldn’t prefer to build their roads in a place that is a bit flatter to start with?

Still, sometimes a mountain range stands in the way. Their road-building challenge is our scenic drive.

This area is beautiful, and I’m fortunate to have landed here on the map, so why not poke around a bit? Let’s see, there’s a cute little lodge to stay in. Looks like there’s some water, a river.

But mostly, there’s the mountains.

What a nice place to be virtually passing through!