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Virtual GC: Getting Started

Okay so @Alice @Dara @Dawn @Isabel @Julie @Lynn @Mark @Mei @Pete @Susan and everyone else I didn’t @ by name: pick a challenge to do starting next year. I’m not asking you to BUY one. Just… comment me up what looks most interesting to you guys. You’re going to have to hear about it anyway right? Might as well get a say in which one kicks off the new year!

Here’s a subset to choose from:

  1. Angkor Wat Cambodia 20mi/32km & 4 Postcards
  2. Marathon to Athens Greece 26mi/42km & 4 Postcards
  3. Amalfi Coast Italy 35mi/56km & 7 Postcards
  4. Mt Everest Nepal 40mi/64km & 6 Postcards
  5. Trek to Petra Jordan 40mi/65km & 9 Postcards (No Street View)
  6. Flower Route Netherlands 41mi/66km & 4 Postcards
  7. Giza Pyramids Egypt 46mi/75km & 5 Postcards
  8. Mt Kilamanjaro Tanzania 60mi/97km & 5 Postcards (No Street View)
  9. Cote d’Azur France 100mi/161km & 6 Postcards

So vote for one of those, maybe, or go to the link above and see what all else looks good!

That said, there’s just a few weeks left of this year and only one slot left in this year’s medal rack, so I needed something substantial to get me through to the end of 2021!

Grand Canyon it is!

This one doesn’t currently have postcards which is a disappointment.

It does however have Google Street View.

Though it’s really the river view:

So, away I go!

Jump in the boat, come along!

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