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VAL: Boerewors with Chakalaka

Before (I) opened up her family cookbook to me (waves to (I) frantically: thank you my friend), a lot of the recipes I was finding online mentioned Boerewors.

Boerewors is, if the food subsection of the internet is to be trusted, “farmer’s sausage.”

There are many things I will do for this adventure I’ve created for myself, but making sausage is not one of them.

Fortunately, I discovered Ayoba online (note: this blog has no sponsors, so this mention is unsolicited), and they carry Boerewors (in beef or beef&pork), as well as the Biltong I tried the other day.

And then, not sure how to serve it, I found this recipe for Boerewors with Chakalaka.

Actually there are multiple recipes for chakalaka. This one is tomato-heavy which I omitted in deference to my mom. Most of them include something pickled or vinegar. This wants a bit of that, I think. But it was still good, even doctored as noted.

As to the sausage:

We overcooked them a bit. This is unfortunate, of course. The all-beef variety was less forgiving than the beef-and-pork version.

Still, they were delicious. They were dinner for us all, and then lunch for me the next day, and more leftovers remain to be enjoyed.

Happy face is not accidental! 🙂
All-beef are links-style. Beef & pork were coiled.

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  1. Looks and sounds delicious! I am going to check out Ayoba and may just order some from them too! I love that you’re traveling my country of birth (albeit virtually) and hope that one day you get the opportunity to travel there in person! XOXO

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