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VAL: South African Oxtail Stew over Hominy

The stew simmers along

My friend (I) was gracious enough to open up her family cookbook and give us a recipe for oxtail stew.

Now, oxtail was all new to us and I suspect that since it’s not a major ingredient around here, maybe we didn’t get the best pieces of meat.

But that said…

The stew is really flavorful. Really different from the palate of our family beef stew, but still really good.

Stew over hominy

Hominy was also new to us, but we really enjoyed it!

But I would say … when we made some of the stew a few days later, this time over rice — in the way of stew, everything had gotten to know each other with time and it was even better on a second take!

Beyond delicious!

So: thank you (I) for sharing this with us. I’m going to be enjoying this again!

And I’m going to make that dessert you suggested another day. So something to look forward to!


Happy birthday Emily


2 thoughts on “VAL: South African Oxtail Stew over Hominy”

    1. I had it for lunch again today and still have one more serving left for tomorrow ❤️ I’m sure I’ll be making this again especially now that it’s stew weather 🙂 Thank you again, my friend!


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