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VAL: While I wait on my stew

Stew is a-simmering away, and while it does I have some other South African food to nibble.


It’s basically beef jerky, just a different flavor palate.

On my first bite, I’m more struck by the texture. I’m not even processing taste yet.

But the texture is a little different with each bite. Sometimes, like that first bite, almost too tender, and other times a bit more substantial.

Then the flavor starts to come through. and it’s good. It gets better as it becomes more familiar.

I bought a selection of their biltong (traditional and spicy). I like both but the traditional more so. The spicy is okay but just … not as good? It’s not like me to not prefer spicy, but here we are.

I also bought their beef sticks and some boerewors which will be another adventure. I have a lot of ground to cover in virtual South Africa, so lots of things to try seems fine to me.

But so far – so yummy!

Next up: Isabel’s oxtail stew … so stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “VAL: While I wait on my stew”

  1. OH MY, It never occurred to me to suggest Biltong and Boerewors. OH MY. Firstly, where did you find the Boerewors? I simply cannot find it anywhere close to me and shipping it is stupidly expensive.
    Biltong is the very best. I’ve tried beef jerky and I just cannot appreciate the taste. I buy Biltong from Kalahari.com and it is absolutely delicious. I always have some in the fridge as both my Mom in law and husband love it. If you can find the Droe Wors, or dried sausage, try that too. My favorite.
    If you have a Trader Joe’s close by – see if you can get some of their Peri Peri sauce. It is truly South African and can be used on or in anything and everything. It’s spicy but it is very very tasty.
    I’ll brainstorm some more and send recipes your way!

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    1. Oh gosh thank you! I found ayoba.com and tried their boerewars and biltong and droewars (have yet to try). I don’t have a basis of comparison though so I’ll try Kalahari.com too! I do love peri peri (my grocery store carries Nando’s but if you think I should try Trader Joe’s I’ll give that a look.)


      1. Nando’s is pretty tasty, brush it all over a chicken breast or thigh, (with skin on) and bake it in the oven. It is very yummy! I just recently bought the one from TJ’s, and it’s spectacular. The other night I steamed some mixed veggies in the microwave and once done, I poured some of the Peri Peri sauce over it, a bit of salt and pepper and it was super tasty. It’s pretty versatile. I hope you like the Droe Wors. I haven’t had Ayoba yet, but if you do get the chance to buy some from Kalahari – do so. It’s a very healthy filling tasty snack. XOXO

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