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This is for Julie

Julie is dear and special. Julie has a heart of pure gold and a smile that lights up the world and a faith that is rich and deep.

You don’t all know Julie (though some of you do and I know you love her too).

Julie lives with health challenges that have led to or exacerbated financial challenges. Like all too many people do. She does not let it break her, though I have no doubt that some days she feels like it all might.

Julie literally struggles to breathe, and yet she gets up and blesses the world around her. (She even does the occasional virtual challenge — she is amazing.)

Julie has dear and mostly grown up children (sending them love too) and cuddly fur babies and she gives of herself to take care of them all.

Also I know she prays for me, and it’s not because I’m so worthy. It’s because she is.

But also – and I know this will come as a shock to all of you based on everything that I’ve told you about her – the other day Julie talked trash about someone I love and respect. Someone I care a lot about.

S told me so, and I know S would not lie about it.

Julie was so uncharacteristically unkind, actually questioning the worth of a dear special person in my life!

Omigosh I’m so mad to hear that!

(To clarify: Herself. She was talking trash about herself.)

So here with love is my shoutout to Julie who is a dear and a treasure and sometimes a silly-head.

Love you, Julie! Thank you for being here and reading all my nonsense! (And hey, talk nice about my friend Julie, okay? She’s awesome.)

Wish we could all just sit together and chat like good friends do. And I’d remind you that your brain sometimes lies to you. Brains do that; so tricky.

And all of you out there, I appreciate you also! Don’t listen if your brains are telling you lies, either… You’re awesome!

And I’m so thankful for you!

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