there is something wrong with me

That time of year again

I say it every year, and it’s true. Halloween is not my holiday.

I probably liked it when I was little… but as far back as I actively remember (and granted, my memories of childhood often need jogging) I liked the candy but not so much the process. Costume stress, door to door reverse-sales.

I know, many people love these things. 🎃 They love costume parties their whole lives, love the mere excuse to dress up as someone or something else.

I am not that person.

Also I’m not a fan of horror, scary, spooky or gory. Hard pass on all of those movies. Skip the commercials for them, even.

Look, I’m not saying you aren’t allowed to love this holiday. If you do then I’m glad for you that it’s here. I hope you have a great time! A safe time, a healthy time, but a fun time, all the same.

I however will be joyfully awaiting its passing.

Off ya go now: shoo! Go have some Halloween fun. More for you.