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Looking ahead

So, I’m having a great time working the Road to Hana beside my FBN; and as always I’m also looking ahead to the next virtual challenge I want to do.

And here is where you come in.

I don’t just mean, which challenge should I do next? I mean, what challenge would you want to do with me? At our own pace, side by side. Race me if you want, stroll if you’d rather. I’m just going to do it at my pace, based on steps/walked distances. (There’s a conversion chart if you’d rather bike, swim, or do your distances in some other fashion.)

I don’t have a lot of real non-bot readers and those of you that do are dear to me. More than you know. I love that you read me, I appreciate when you comment! But even if you’d rather lurk (I’m a big lurker myself, on other platforms) I appreciate you. I’d love for us to do a little something together.

So, with that said, here’s what I’m a do.

Leave a comment of which Conqueror challenge you’d most like to give a try. If you know me in real life and would rather text it to me, that’s also okay.

Then I’ll look at all the challenges voted on and choose one for us to do. I’ll post that here along with my discount link (also at the button above) so anyone who wants to play along can save a little coin in the process.

But also, I have a little something something to share with one reader who lets me know they’re interested… well just please post the name of a challenge you’re interested in doing and I’ll sort all that out. Nuff said.

After I get all your feedback I will announce which challenge we’re doing, and instructions for anyone else who wants to join, for how to:

  • Get a code to join
  • Activate that code to join the challenge
  • Get on the map with the rest of us

Anyway, I know that there are only a few of you who actually read me, and I love the heck out of all of you.

Thanks for being out there reading my semi-random flotsam.

By the way if you use that link above to buy your first Conqueror mission, you’ll get 10% at checkout — but also I’ll earn a referral credit for sending you that way – and I only need a couple more referral credits to get a discounted challenge code in the future. So if it’s of any interest at all, take advantage of the savings…. and thank you!