Dark all the way

The office re-opened. For the vaccinated, at least, it reopened. I don’t think my company is thinking clearly about this … yes we are the safest people to be in office but also, lots of us pay to get to work. Cars (gas), tolls, trains, what have you.

For the introvert living in a quiet household, the return to the office is not a benefit. Even less so when the team isn’t based in the same office.

But I digress.

I woke up 30 minutes before the alarm. Considering how early the “go to the office” alarm is, that’s… impressive?

Well, it’s too close to the alarm to go back to sleep, anyway.

But it’s time enough to ease into the day, more like I would on a day with no commute, albeit earlier.

Still, the alarm does go off and then I need to put my planning into gear. Coffee was already set up, but it needs to be started. I need a quick shower to wake up (having washed my hair etc last night). The clothes I laid out yesterday are thrown on. A yogurt and soda get into the lunch bag, the coffee goes in the travel cup, and then it’s time to step out into the…

Darkness. Profound, moonless darkness.

Hmm. Well. Off I go then.

All the way up the highway, the overhead signs warn of low visibility but for 25 miles there is no sign of what they mean. Even in low lying areas there isn’t a hint of fog, and the bridge is miles and miles away. I wonder if I should expect smoke or dust or something from construction, though it’s probably too early for workers to be out.

By the time I turn onto the bridge it’s already apparent that it’s the river. It’s the fog off the river, that is.

I don’t think of it as a terribly long bridge when I’m watching sunrises over it. In the fog, it seems so long. And also: kind of creepy, disappearing into misty darkness ahead.

At one point, a soft green light materializes ahead of me – shades of Gatsby reaching out toward Daisy’s dock – but it’s really just the green Weigh Station sign overhead, reflecting back its single white spotlight. It comes clear enough to read, only as I pass under it.

Fog, construction, darkness. I miss the turnoff after the bridge and have to turn around.

At the next route shift, I miss my preferred turn there too, not due to fog but just how different it all looks in the dark amid closed lanes and construction equipment, businesses not yet lit up for the day and the street signs temporarily removed from their places.

I make it to work, ahead of schedule, time to spare even for my planned early arrival.

And it is still night-time dark out, as I do.

Maybe not this dark.

3 thoughts on “Dark all the way”

    1. My manager is pretty reasonable and doesn’t expect me to make the drive in snow and ice. Thank heavens. But a permanent WFH is unlikely because higher up there is resistance to the idea in general


      1. Seriously, have the staff not proven in the last two years that they can be productive from their home offices? I think that is the biggest reason my boss decided to let us work from home permanently. She saw that productivity did not decline, in fact, it went up. Morale is WAY better too. I hope the knuckleheads in your organization come to their senses soon.

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