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VAL: Sosaties

My dear friend (I) had sent me some recipes to give a go, while I’m still trekking virtual Namibia.

I had planned to make Sosaties on the grill for mom and dad and I, but it seems a small miscommunication led to them making an alternative dinner plan.

Sans grill, and newly with far too much food for one, I made them in the oven.

Going into the oven
Un kebab-ed and over rice

Okay so this was really delicious. The recipe called for the option of putting dried apricots on the skewers. I debated and then decided to give it a go.

Omigosh YES!

So this is what I’ll be eating for a whole lot of meals to come. In fact, I might be close-ish to the border, by the time I’m done.

Namibia recipe win! Thank you (I)! ❤️

Ha ha ha. Thanks Isabel for letting me use your recipe to taunt my folks. They totally deserved it! 😉

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