But I don’t want to

This week I’ll need to put in an appearance at the office. The physical office, that is. Vaccinated staff are required to return, unvaccinated staff not yet, which means –

Well, for those with long or costly commutes, and/or those who don’t actually prefer to be in-office, it means there’s a backhanded penalty for having gotten vaccinated.

Hey companies? Don’t do that. You’re rewarding the wrong thing. Also you just spent 6 months encouraging us to get vaccinated why would you then “reward” those who don’t?

Anyway, I’ll be putting in my required appearance – but I don’t want to.

Over the weekend, the temps fell and the happiest place to be was in comfy clothes under a blanket. I have a lot of steps to get and miles to pedal, as you all know. I want to have those done for the day… I need to go get them done.

But I don’t want to.

So it’s one of those days.

My get up and go, got up and went without me.

Hope your day’s going a bit better!

Listening to the clock tick, not getting my steps done (yet)

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  1. That was my biggest fear too. We’ve thus far been lucky in not having to return and my boss went as far as to say that she doesn’t intend for us to return permanently. Once this flare up of Covid dies down, we may return once or twice a month again.


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