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I have daily and weekly goals in my Reminders app, to keep me on track for things ranging from scripture reading to flossing, and from drinking enough water to getting my daily language lesson in.

I have general goals, for all the myriad virtual Conqueror challenges I do to scratch my travel itch until that feels safe to do again.

I have my multi-year goal to virtually circle the continent of Africa (which itself leads to daily goals and year-end goals etc)

And I have my annual Conqueror goal. As I mentioned before, I set that initially for 5000 miles walked or pedaled in 2021, but I reached that total and upped it to 6500 miles a little while ago.

I had mentally split that as the equivalent of 2021 miles (to match the year) via steps, the rest on the bike.


As of a few days ago, I had passed the 2021 step portion of goal. and I was about 350 miles from pedaling the rest too. So I’m well within striking distance of completing this one. I should be finished by early November.

So what say you? Should I up the annual goal again? Or call it done and celebrate my success on this one?

(Rest assured, either way, I’ll still be virtually moving every day.)

Places to pretend to go, and all that.

Pedaling my short little legs off to get there