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VAL: Upping my game (again)

So I’m calculating how long I still have to cover in virtual Namibia (omigosh, so far)….

And then I’m adding to that the ridiculous number of miles to virtually pass through South Africa after that…

And I’m calculating how much of the year is left, if I’d like to have made my way to the other side of South Africa and begun running the northward trek of my Virtual African Loop, by the start of the year…

And then I’m looking ahead to the holidays and time off and instances where I might not be able/available to pedal some of my daily miles…

And it turns out, if my calculations are correct, it is in the realm of possibility. Just.

It’s just not going to be easy.

I need strength and stamina, and to stay healthy and strong, and to up my game quite a bit.

Well, excuse me, I need to get spinning.

Today’s efforts brought me a new postcard on the PCT, so that’s something, right?
Also passed another milestone and planted another tree! So it’s all upside!