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VAL: Meal adventures coming soon!

Hello out there to dear reader and dear friend (I) who has sent me some Namibian recipe options.

Ingredients are on order and that means you can all look forward to new culinary adventures (knowing me, possibly misadventures) in the near future!

But I didn’t want to make her wait for my posting lag to say thanks.

Also just a quick text chat was so cheering. You know how nice it is when you have a text exchange with someone that you genuinely like and rarely get to chat with?

Yeah it was like that.

High spot of my day. Which granted is not difficult because I went to work right after.

Lol. But thanks (I). For being your wonderful self. For reading my semi-random flotsam. And of course, for the recipes.

I can hardly wait to get cooking!

Cheers, my friend!

1 thought on “VAL: Meal adventures coming soon!”

  1. I can’t wait to see which recipe you choose and what you think of it! I LOVE reading here. Also loved texting, will have to do it more often! 🙂

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